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SEO Experiment – Can A Domain Name & Registration Period Help w/ SEO

SEO experiment San Francisco

SEO experiment in San Francisco – Does a name of a Domain and the  domain Name registration grace period have a positive effect on SEO rankings.

As an SEO Expert I have been racking my head around this concept for a while. Research in to the matter is giving my conflicting ideas mainly based on conjecture by most. Does a name of domain Domain  & the Domain Registration Age ( grace period) have  a positive effect on SEO rankings. So I am running an active experiment on the validity of such effects on a website. This post will be updated actively to see whether I can find a foreseeable difference between them and if it really helps.

Why do this Experiment?

The reason I came up with this experiment was for my own search Engine Rankings as the field that I am trying to improve my search engine rankings in a very competitive field. I will be focusing on only a couple of keywords and I will try my best to summarize my findings as we go along.

Known Factors

Test will be conducted on 2 sites. Namely Don Web Solutions and Don Web Design . I am hoping to rank higher on organic search results on 2 major search engines ( google & Yahoo ) for the keywords Website Design and Web Design.

Don Web Solutions – Domain name is 3 years old and the domain registration is done every year. So the domain registration grace period is only 1 year.

Don Web Design – Domain name is brand new But the Domain Registration period is 3 years.

Both these website have been properly validated for relevant content and keywords as well as making sure it has a well written code with proper meta titles. Both the sites have the same content with the exception of changing the keywords web solutions and web design interchanged accordingly.

Potential Problems

Because both sites have duplicate content, I imagine search engines might penalize the new site Don Web Design for having similar content. However through out this process I will make the appropriate changes to avoid that being a big factor.

Additional Changes

I will also do the necessary changes in my Google and Bing Business listings and all my Social Media pages so I can run this experiment in a fair manner that will provide me with hopeful answers for a very ambiguous question. Research in to the mater thus far have been giving me conflicting points of view so  I wanted to test it our my self.

Keep in mind that this is an ongoing experiment and this post will be updated accordingly.


So Let’s Get Started!…

Day 1 

Don Web Solutions – Sitemaps have been submitted and indexed accordingly (complete). Using existing google and Bing Listings as well as Existing social media pages.

Don Web Design – Sitemap submitted today.. Awaiting index Status. Created new listing and Social Media pages.

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