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Add New Categories and Subcategories in Magento

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How To Add Categories & Subcategories to your Magento Website

Are you looking for directions on how to add / mange categories and subcategories to your Magento Website? Follow these simple instructions. Video tutorial and Description attached.

  1. Log in to your Magento Dashboard
  2. Navigate to CATALOG > MANAGE CATEGORIES on the top navigation Menu.
  3. The MANAGE CATEGORIES page will have the categories listed on your left and the content of the categories to the right.
  4. Click Add CATEGORIES button to add categories to to your system
    • ROOT CATEGORIES – Adds root categories to you site and will display in the root categories branch
    • SUBCATEGORIES – adds subcategories and will display under the relevant main categories.
  5. Fill in the relevant information and click SAVE CATEGORY button to complete.
    • All required fields are indicated with an Asterisk (*)

Additional Tips On WordPress Posts

  1. Here are some important and most commonly used options under category information
    • Is Active – setting option to YES will display the category on the website while NO will deativate it from the view of the site
    • Include in Navigation Menu – YES will add it the main menu of your sites main navigation nf vice versa.
    • Display settings – Dictates whether you want to use the categories to show products or use it as a information page with a specific cms block or a combination of both.
    • Categories Branch view – Has a Drag and drop functionality that can be used to change the category and subcategory levels.
    • Custom Design – Dictates the template settings for the category view – see more information on the video for a better understanding.
    • Category Products – lists all the products belonging to a specific category.
    • For additional information on setting template design and custom options please check the video tutorial above.


  1. Additional tutorials– Now that you know ho to add categories & subcategories to your store take a look at some other tutorials for Magento that will help you better manage and understand your Magento website.

I hope this article and video attached was helpful in understanding your Magento Website.

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