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How To Change Navigation Menu Items on your WordPress Website

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Add/Edit/Delete Menu Items on Your WordPress Website

Looking for directions on how you can manage the menu items on your WordPress Website? Follow these simple instructions. Video tutorial and Description attached.

    1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
    2. Navigate to APPEARANCE >>> MENU on the left side bar.
    3. Adding a New Menu to your Website
      • Click CREATE A NEW MENU
      • Give it a proper name ( main menu, home menu.. etc. )
      • Click CREATE MENU
    4. Once you create the menu you will be given 2 choices
      • AUTO ADD PAGES – Automatically adds top level pages to the menu
      • THEME LOCATIONS – Sets the new menu as the primary menu for your website
      • Use your best judgement as to what will work for your website
    5. Once you have completed creating the new menu you can move on to adding items to your new menu
    6. You Will find several options on Menu items based on your theme or WordPress installation
      • PAGES – Add Pages as menu items
      • POSTS – Add Posts as menu items
      • CUSTOM LINKS – Add Custom Links/ Custom URLs  as menu items
      • CATEGORIES – Add Blog Categories as Menu Items
    7. Click on the items on the middle right (Pages, Posts, Custom Links, Categories)
      • You can add the items  by clicking the checkboxes next to them
      • Then Click ADD TO MENU
      • More Information on how you can add the items, can be found on the video tutorial attached above.
    8. Once the menu items are added you can drag them accordingly to change
      • The Drag options works as a WYSIWYG editor
      • The menu position on the list can be adjusted accordingly by dragging the items
      • You can set main menu items and sub menu items
        1. Main Menu Items – First tier
        2. Sub Menu Items – Drag the item to the right underneath the main menu item it belongs to. It will place itself as a sub menu item.
    9. Once you have completed the necessary changes click on SAVE MENU
    10. Now you will see the new menu items on your website

Editing/Changing Existing Menus

  1. Editing existing menus work along the same principals.
  2. All you have to do is Select the Menu you want to edit from the drop down box when you are on the Main Menu page.
  3. Click on SAVE MENU. This will load the proper menu on your WordPress Dashboard
  4. Make the necessary adjustments then Click SAVE

I hope this article was helpful in giving you valuable insight in to your WordPress dashboard.

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