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How To Change Default Image Sizes On WordPress

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How To Change Default Image Sizes On WordPress

Learn how to change the default image sizes on WordPress. When adding images to pages/ posts on your website you will encounter several options for image sizes

  1. Thumbnail Size
  2. Medium Size
  3. Large Size
  4. Original Size

With the necessary knowledge you can now learn how to change the dimensions used on your theme by following the directions attached below.

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Navigate to SETTINGS >>> MEDIA on the left navigation Menu
  3. Input the appropriate image dimensions you want to use on your site
    • Thumbnail size – If you chose the “Crop Thumbnails to exact dimensions” your thumbnail images will appear as a hard crop at the exact dimensions you input to the systems e.g ( 150 x 150 px )
    • Medium Size & Large Size images will be re sized proportionally according to the Max width and Max height dimensions and it will not appear as a hard crop as explained above in the thumbnail images.
  4. Click SAVE CHANGES to complete.

Now you have reset  the default image sizes that works bet for your website. When adding images to your post simply select the size you want to add. Learn How to ad images/image gallery to your WordPress Post/Page

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