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How to build 20 FREE high quality .gov backlinks to your website

Why do you need quality .GOV backlinks?

To talk of SEO without the mention of High quality backlinks is no different from cooking a “cheese pizza without the cheese”. It will still be a pizza however you are definitely missing one of the main ingredients. Even among the variety of domains on the web, .gov and .edu backlinks are considered to have high page rank (most commonly referred to as PR).  To most people, they are just another top level domains. But to for SEO professionals, those three letters mean so much more.

There have been some debate about the efficacy of .edu and .gov backlinks and its ability to boost SEO rankings. Some might even say that these forms of backlinks don’t have special superpowers at all.  But one thing is for certain, we can all agree that sites on .edu and .gov domains have the age, trust and domain authority every link builder loves. However, building links on such trusted domains without resorting to spammy wiki pages or black hat tactics is a challenge. This article will teach you some actionable strategies you can use to add these backlinks to your link profile.

How to Create Backlinks?

Creating quality backlinks to your website is a main part of Search Engine Optimization that has to be done so as to increase your website reputation and also PageRank of your website. There are many measures to determining PageRank (PR value) on a site. One thing is for sure major search engines depend on high quality content and backlinks from other trusted sites to determine the value of your website.  Backlinks to your website provides the trust factor that your website has and how much reputation does your website has gained over the time.

When building backlinks to your website, some of the most trusted and quality backlinks are from the education and government websites. The list below provides around 30 high quality backlinks that you can use to gain a huge increase in your PageRank as well as your websites authority on the World Wide Web.

Efficacy of Backlinks mentioned below

As mentioned earlier there is a lot of debate to the efficacy in building backlinks using the instructions below. For one, it only allows for an exit message with your domain listed. The general idea here is to accomplish the task of linking your website from a high authority website with the hopes of passing out some PR value that will essentially be helpful for your own PageRank. Building quality content on .gov & .edu sites is a tough task at best. Many .gov and .edu sites have done away with blog comments and profiles for external users in the last couple of years thus making it really hard for anyone to gain backlinks referring from such high authority websites. I have personally seen some benefit from such backlinks. So I wanted to share this article with you as my way of possibly passing down some knowledge I have acquired through trial & error. So there might be some value to the instructions mentioned below. As a SEO professional my self I urge you to land on side of caution but not totally dismiss the importance of building such backlinks. Do some more research and come to an informed decision before attempting the following.

Free .GOV backlinks for your website

  1. bts.gov
  2. nla.gov.au
  3. fws.gov
  4. gov.im/tourism/disclaimer.gov
  5. crh.noaa.gov
  6. doleta.gov
  7. planning.dot.gov
  8. pcb.its.dot.gov
  9. tc.faa.gov
  10. broadbandmap.gov
  11. transtats.bts.gov
  12. noaa.gov
  13. fcc.gov
  14. cherokeecounty-nc.gov
  15. nationalcityca.gov
  16. evansville.in.gov
  17. weather.gov
  18. crh.noaa.gov
  19. biometrics.gov

 Instructions on how to build the Backlinks

GOAL: You need to list your domain address (yourwebsite.com) on the .gov domain

A few easy steps:…..

  • Step 1 : www.transtats.bts.gov  Click on link above
  • Step 2 : Maintain link integrity but copy and paste your domain name at the appropriate place on the string. See the example below.
    • http://transtats.bts.gov/exit.asp?url=YourDomainNameHere
  • Step 3 : Now paste your domain name and hit enter in new window to get GOV backlink to your site.
  • Step 4 : Repeat the process for all links listed and make sure that your domain is listed once you copy and paste the links on your browser window.

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