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Bindery Theme – Project type display fix

Website Development Services San Francisco

If anyone is looking for a fix for the following with the Bindery Theme, feel free to give us a call or visit Website Design Company San Francisco


  1. Adding separate pages for jet pack portfolio types on your website
  2. Creating 2 or more portfolio pages on your site that matches Bindery theme.
  3. duplicating home page layout on other pages

We are a Website Design Company located in San Francisco Ca and can help you with any WordPress theme and plugin customization.

Here are some example pages for Demo purposes.

  1. Displaying posts belonging to a certain project type while maintaining theme styles
    1. Project type = “Stories”
    2. Project type = “Campaigns”
  2. The same functionality can be used to create unlimited portfolios and include them in different pages/ navigational menu items on your website.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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