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Website Design for Waterfall Wellness San Francisco

Website Design Template for Marijuana Dispensary San Francisco

Another Project Completed and another satisfied customer. We are proud to introduce the latest web store front for Waterfall Wellness in San Francisco. This website combines several unique functions making Online ordering for cannabis dispensaries easy to use for the merchant as well as the customer.

About  The Website

Let me highlight a few important functions built in to the site. This website was coded with a custom design on a WordPress template and has several key features built in to manage the web store front.

  1. Ability to showcase an in-depth  Online Menu of all their products and services –  visible to all users.
  2. The Ability to Showcase Products, Blog Articles, Specials, etc. on the homepage – with easy back end functionality to the non techie
  3. Ability for patients to Become a Member of the Collective by submitting their application online along with all the necessary documents/paperwork
  4. The owner will then have the ability to approve / disapprove members based on their application. Once approved the store owner can invite the patients to create an online account to their online delivery menu.
  5. Only Registered patients can order online and they will have the ability to order from their laptops/ mobile phone devices with a Cash on Delivery checkout option. Highly customized products
  6. Responsive Website Design to allow for desktop / laptop / mobile phone visibility.

About Waterfall Wellness

Waterfall Wellness is a premiere nonprofit collective dedicated to providing quality, affordable medicine to our members. We strive to educate our patients about all alternative health approaches to supplement their medicine with a more natural approach. Waterfall Wellness aims to provide a stepping stone for medical cannabis reformation community-wide.


Waterfall Wellness has served over 20,000 patients since opening in 2011. Our work was focused primarily on serving low-income patients suffering from terminable and detrimental illnesses, and as our member-base began to grow, so did our compassion programs. From providing everything from rent for homeless shelters to funding homeless dinners and providing a community litter removal service, we strive to provide a community-oriented positive impact and bring the whole community together.

We are now offering the same service to other cannabis dispensaries. Call us for a free quote for your website design project.

Don Mudalige – Founder, Don Web Solutions
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